Complex IF / Conditional Logic

Is there any way to easily (concisely? ie. without nesting IF’s) do something like:

IF {
(A = true AND B = true) OR
C = false OR
D = false

For IF Condition blocks, you would need to use nesting to mix-and-match AND/OR conditions.

Depending on what you’re comparing, there may be other alternatives though. For example, an expression can mix and match comparisons, but would would need your A, B, C, D to be variables (or copy the data to a variable).


And a variation of that might be to perform the initial A == true AND B == false comparison separately and store it in a variable, that way everything in your primary comparison would be OR conditions.


I could quite tell from the online help… Does this work with STRING variables and literals?

(A == true and $B == $C) OR D$ == “IDK”

Use the helper method for equality checks on strings:

equalText($D, "My Text")