Commands to thermostats giving errors


I have two Vivint Z wave thermostats connected to SmartThings hub and then integrated to SharpTools.

All has been working seamlessly for perhaps two years. Suddenly 3-4 days ago, any command I send in SharpTools gives me the dreaded red bar at the bottom of the screen. :-1:

If I send a command in SmartThings — very weird, I know — adjusting the heating set point seems to work as intended for both thermostats. Adjusting cooling setpoint begins the perpetual SmartThings spinning thinker. All reproducible and consistent.

Any ideas?

I wonder if they got migrated to a driver (from a Groovy DTH) and something about the driver isn’t working as expected.

If you check the device in the SmartThings mobile app, when you tap the … in the top right corner when viewing the device, do you see a driver option?

Very interesting outcome here! See series of images… any advice on what I should do? I chose ‘Cancel’ in the end. Wanted to seek counsel! :slight_smile:

Switching to the “Z-wave Switch” would probably just make things worse, but it does look like the device was migrated to the “Z-wave Thermostat” edge driver.

Since you’re also having issues within the SmartThings mobile app, have you reached out to SmartThings support? It seems like it could be a compatibility issue with the new Z-wave Thermostat driver they migrated your device to and your particular thermostat model.

Do you have the CT100? Looks like there are a few other reports of it…

nayelyz, a SmartThings staff member responded with the best course of action for reporting these issues in the second thread linked above.

Thanks so much for your help @josh ! I will look into this somehow… there is no model number (easily) visible on the units…

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