Commands Sent During Network Transition (5G/Wifi)

Recently I’ve been having issues with 2 garage door openers. I’m using 1 Zooz Zen 17 relay with wired sensor switches. It operates both doors and has been very reliable. That said, here’s the issue I’m having.

If my phone is switching between 5G wireless and my home WIFI, (or the other way around also) which it will do when I’m in the driveway, I have trouble operating the doors. What happens is I will press the button for door 1 on my dashboard. I get the “command sent” toast. I wait… (normally the door opens/closes instantly). The Zen 17 is set up to work as a momentary switch which turns ON for a second then back OFF. If I watch long enough I’ll see “socket connected”. Unfortunately, if I press the button twice or more during this disconnected state, the door will either open and close erratically stopping every 1 to 2 seconds, or it will not work at all. When it doesn’t operate at all, I’ve discovered the momentary switch (Zen 17) is stuck on ON on the SmartThings app. If it is stuck on ON, that means it didn’t get the second OFF from the Zen 17, most likely because the socket became disconnected. (When it is stuck on ON, it will not do anything because it is technically not CHANGING to ON).

So… this must be a common issue, “socket connected” “socket disconnected” when switching between WIFI and Cellular. If it is in this state, would it not be better to get a red error message and not send a command rather than collect and que up multiple presses when you are not aware that SharpTools is not connected?

If you are getting the “Command Sent” toast, that means that the command was sent through to and accepted by your smart home hub.

Note that only the status in the dashboard is sent across the realtime socket connection currently.

So in your case, it sounds like the commands are going through as you are seeing the green “Command sent” toast rather than a red error message… but it sounds like your network connection is a bit sketchy at that point in time as it’s transitioning between 5G ↔ Wifi so the status is not making it over the socket connection until things stabilize.

Just to reiterate the point from above that if you are getting the green “Command Sent”, that indicates that the command was sent to your smart home hub and accepted by their API.

That being said, if you send the command while the network connection is unstable, it may remain ‘in flight’ for longer than normal - in other words, the request might still be processing as shown by the small spinning icon in the corner of the tile as it won’t have resolved to a ‘success’ or ‘failure’ state right away. (The browser / OS actually abstract away some of this transitional network stuff)

Are you physically in proximity where you can see the door? If you are getting the “command sent”, that means that SmartThings accepted the command.

Are you saying that you aren’t physically seeing the door move at that point? Or that you aren’t seeing the digital status update within your dashboard?

Yes, I will be standing in front of the door. I will see the green toast “command sent”… nothing happens. What I’ve figured out is if I go into the SmartThings app and use the Zen 17 switch INSTEAD of SharpTools, the door opens as expected. Bypassing SharpTools this way works 100%, thats why I assumed it had something to do with the socket not being connected.

That is correct. When we are in the driveway we can connect to the WIFI. The phones automatically connect when they see the home WIFI. So it could be transitioning, or it could be a poor signal at that time. Since we don’t really know if the socket is connected or if it is transitioning, we just push the button. You may recall that you added the green toast for Supertiles a while ago because my wife would press the button and see nothing and just keep pressing. After a minute or so, the door would go crazy partially opening and closing as many times as she pressed the button.

Neither… the door does not move and since I’m using a Zen 17 relay with wired sensors, I would not expect the dashboard to change until the door actually moves and breaks contact with the sensor.

Remember, the Zen 17 is being used as a momentary switch. 1 press sends ON followed by an OFF 2 seconds later.

What action / command is being sent in this case and to which device?

I’m trying to understand exactly what action is being taken in each case.

A supertile

upon pressing sends an ON command

to SmartThings which then turns ON the momentary switch (Zen 17 relay) that device ID is 00bee5b9-c41c-4af1-a9d2-a81ba8789812

When that device receives an ON command it waits 2 seconds and turns itself OFF. (Mimic a garage door push button)

When standing in the driveway, and pressing the Supertile, sometimes the door opens as expected, a green toast “command sent” followed by the door opening. Other times, the supertile is pressed and the green “command sent” toast is seen with no action. Shortly after I will notice the black “socket connected” message. The door still does not open. Perhaps this is a Zen 17 issue or a SmartThings issue, but it only happens when the “socket connected” message comes AFTER the “command sent” toast.

Hopefully this explains the process better.

I sent a PM with a snippet of request logs from around the time of your first post in case it provides any insights.

It might help to have some explicit tests that we could try to correlate the SharpTools request logs along with the real statuses and SmartThings event history.

I suspect the challenge is going to be the timing between tests to make sure we can properly correlate each action/result with the relevant logs, so it might help to space any success / failure events out from each other so we can better correlate what’s happening.