Combining Data in Tiles


This is cool!! I have questions though…

  • is there a possibility to add Hubitat mode change behind one tile too?

  • is there a possibility to add text field in front of chosen attributes?

Main attribute is “address1” and secondary attribute is “speed”. It would be cool if there could be text line telling what does that 0,0 mean. Also if there could be text line after it too then we could add units if needed. In this case that would be 0,0km/h.
…and in tile it would say: speed 0,0km/h

Also I’m trying to figure out how can I exploit this for my washing machine and water icons to join them as only one tile.

They are now:
Upper line is for the washing machine and for the water.
Other line is for dishwasher and water.

When I turn washing machine on tile is on too (power outlet). When I turn water on (open close sensor) tile changes to “open”. Is there a way that I could somehow join those two lines per machine together so that one tile would tell me:

  • washing machine is on and water is open
  • washing machine is on and water is closed
  • washing mahcine is off and water is open
  • washing machine is off and water is closed

Maybe using primary and secondary attributes… or… ideas? Trying to get rid off virtual devices and that would probably fix this one too…

EDIT: actually now that I think of it… it would be awesome if one tile could use information from multiple devices. First device would be in “primary attribute” and second device in “secondary attribute”. When do we get this…? :slight_smile:

Hi @JiiPee - I hope you don’t mind that I moved your post out of the Configure Style/Icon by Attribute Value post as it seemed to be a variety of different questions (and not all tied to the release post).

It looks like there’s a few big questions here, so you might have better luck breaking them into their own topics. It’s easier for people to read a topic title and see if it’s something they have experience with or are interested in.

Yes, you can choose the ‘Mode Picker’ option in the Location section. It shows a single icon with the current mode and when you tap on it you will be presented with a list of modes to choose from.


Is the request for the ability to configure different styles based on the ‘value’ of the mode? If so, please feel free to create a feature request. :slight_smile:

If the device reports units, then they should show up immediately after the value as you noted.

There’s not an official feature for prepending text in the footer, but it could be accomplished with a bit of creative Custom CSS. Might be a good question to post as its own topic or in the [WIKI] Custom CSS snippets, verified on SharpTools thread.

The data would have to be on the same device to be used in the Hero Attribute tile. As you alluded to, you might be able to use a custom virtual device to combine them.

Alternatively, you might be able to use variables to combine them into strings as you mentioned - probably a bit of nested IFs.

Feel free to create a feature request! :smiley:

Or if you have coding experience or know someone who does, you could accomplish it with custom tiles.

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How did I miss this one? Is there a way to change tile style depending what mode is selected? For example I’m used to green tile when DAY mode and red when away or night (alarm system activated).

Thanks for the tip.

I will most definitely do that. This would be very useful and there would be no need to use virtual devices or webcore pistons anymore. :slight_smile: