Click tile action > A note

Would love an option for tiles where I can have a text note attached to the tile that displays when I click the tile. Why? I have different motion detectors and they take different batteries. Sharp Tools lets me easily display the battery level, but when the battery level gets too low ST lets me down :frowning: Ideally I’d click on that same battery tile and presto-change-o I’d see CR2032 or whatevs. How cool would that be??

I was thinking of something similar. Like a small “i” on the tile that if pressed can display info about what the tile does.

I have some switches that controls things with security and would be nice to have a little info dialog in case the wife isn’t sure what it does.


Nice idea. Similar to Tool Tips in Windows. A place to add additional info. For example, could append “Sprinklers nearest street” to Valve 1 tile.

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Good idea! I think there are probably a number of ways this could help make the lives of ST users better.

Before ST I was able to do lots of things from my phone, like my August door lock, lights, garage overhead door, thermostat, etc. etc. But controlling each required finding and opening a different app and learning a different UI.

Along comes Sharp Tools (and either Hubitat or Smart Things) and we can do all those things in one place with one consistent UI… except for these things we’re asking about. :frowning:

This enhancement might get us closer to ST being the “be all and end all” for all our home control stuff. Thanks for the good idea!