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Hi guys

Is it possible to change the attributes showing in the thermostat tile?

I have a Cielo Breeze to control my AC. But in Sharptools, in the bottom right corner of the tile, it shows the actual current working state of the AC (Cool, Heat, etc). But not whether it’s on or off. There is a snowflake symbol, which also only shows the same state.
On my Honeywell T6 there is an on/off icon and when I tap that or the temperature, it opens the settings. For the Cielo Breeze, nothing happens. I specifically need to tap the small “adjust” text in the bottom left corner.

Even weirder is, on my phone dashboard, there is no On/Off setting in the settings pop-up. On the tablet and PC there is. Guess this depends on the screen size, since the same dashboard on PC does show all the controls.

So now I have added a second button, set as a switch, to turn the AC on and off and to see the status of the device.

Is there a way to change this, so the Cielo Breeze behaves more like the Honeywell?
Cielo Breeze

It’s dependent on the driver and the capabilities that it uses. If the device is specifically reporting an ‘off’ state for the thermostat mode, then the power icon shows and becomes clickable.

The separate ON button in the thermostat modal for the Switch capability was really just added as an exception for the Sensibo thermostats which were really popular with a contingent of our users and improperly implemented the thermostat capabilities. There really shouldn’t be a Switch capability as the thermostat should be able report if it is off, cooling, heating, etc using the thermostat mode.

Looks like it does both.

When I add the device to a rule, I can select “SetThermostatMode” and set to turn off.
But in the same setting, instead of the thermostatmode, I can also simply select “off”.

Not sure what the difference would be.

Setting the mode to off with the rule, I see the switch turn to off, but the thermostat tile stays the same. It remains on “Cool”.

I agree… that’s why it’s odd to see a Thermostat that has a Switch capability. The normal approach for a thermostat device would be to just use the Thermostat mode and adjust it with the relevant status (Off, Heat, Cool, etc).

Is this using the official Cielo Breez integration or a community developed one? From a quick review, it looks like they are ‘Works with SmartThings’ certified (WWST) which usually means they have to pass testing by SmartThings, so I’m surprised a certified integration would get a ‘pass’ (though I’ve seen worse things get through with other integrations).

I wonder if you could reach out to the Cielo Breez team and see if they could update the SmartThings integration to report the updated thermostatMode as ‘off’ when the device gets turned off?

I’ve noted the feedback here. Even though the on/off button in the modal was intended as an exceptional case for Sensibo’s odd thermostat implementation, the On/Off button showing in the modal should be consistent between desktop and mobile so I’ll take a look at what’s going on there.

Out of curiosity, if you create a rule that calls the setThermostatMode('off') does the reported thermostat mode change to off or stay at the previous value (eg. cool) and only change the switch state?

I will try to reach out to Cielo about this.
It’s an official integration, I only get a warning that for my country it’s not fully supported. The Cielo Breez is a US product, I’m in EU.

Exactly, doesn’t matter which way I use in the rule to switch the device, it always stays on the last other mode. So the switch turns off, but the thermostat tile always shows cool or heat.

Never had a response from Cielo about this. And I never tried heating yet, today I have.

My device only uses cooling setpoint, so when I set it to heating only, the thermostat tile doesn’t know the temperature anymore, since it assumes there’s a heating setpoint. So using the tile to raise or lower the temperature doesn’t work either.

I start to feel I’ll need a super tile for my aircon to use it to full potential :sweat_smile: