Christmas tree lights on/off help

Hi @James, I’m looking for help setting up a single rule to turn my Christmas tree lights on/off. I’d like it to turn on at 8 AM and then turn off at 11 PM. I currently use two separate rules, but I’m looking to clean things up a bit and only use one. Thanks!

@Techno_Vol See the screenshot below for example, you can add two timers (8am and 11pm) in the trigger section and use an IF condition to check the current time to determine if it should turn the light on or off.

Not sure I follow the IF statement. What is the significance of 6 PM?

Its an arbitrary time between 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM.

It could be any time between your trigger values. It just acts as a way to differentiate between which trigger is occurring – if it’s before that time, then it’s the morning trigger… if it’s after that time, then it’s the evening trigger.


Got it, I really appreciate the help. I’m finding that SharpTools is much better than WebCore for my needs.