Chime in another room?

I have a smartthings button in one room, and I want it to ring the nest mini speaker in my other room when pressed. Kinda like a call for help button.
I’m struggling to get the nest mini to show up in sharptools, I figure once I have that I could just create a conditional and ring it. Anyone have experience setting something like this up?


What smart home hub are you using and does your Nest Mini show up in that?

The Nest Mini would need to be connected to one of our supported platforms (SmartThings, Hubitat, Home Assistant) and authorized to SharpTools in order for it to show up in your list of available devices.

I have an aeotec hub, which I guess is a clone of the old samsung hub.
I tried to link the nest mini to it, but on the list of speakers in smartthings, it only accepts sonos and bose speakers. Wondering if there’s some other way to add it to my hub?
Thanks again for the help

You can do that with cast web. See the following thread: