Check Switch Status every 30 minutes

Hey guys, just got some ring cameras connected to a smart switch. Every now and again the kids turn the switch off and i can’t access the cameras. I’m trying to create this rule [if I’m away, check the status of the switch every 30 minutes and if it’s off; turn it on// if it’s on do nothing. Is that doable here or should I look into webcore?


@Robert_Bourne Will the rule work better for you if the rule is triggered by the switch’s status changes to off, and have an if condition to check if you are present to determine if it should turn the switch back on or not? So it’s more responsive since it is event driven. You can also add some delay before turning it back on if that’s preferred. And you may also add another rule to make sure the switch is turned on when you depart.

I am sorry that I might not get the whole picture so I am trying to interpret your needs a bit here.

[Edit: here is the rule example if you are interested.]

@James thanks for giving me another way to look at it. I think I failed to explain clearly that sometimes I’m also home and we are unaware that the switch is off and only when we try to look at the cams we realize that the switch if off; that why I was thinking to check the status every 30 minutes.

Before the ring cams, the smart switch controlled regular flood lights then we upgraded, now we have the issue with someone turning the switch off. May have to add a cover to the switch if it’s not doable. Thanks

What about a rule that turns the switch back on automatically if the switch gets turned off?

  switch turns off

   turn switch on

What type of smart switch is it? Some smart switches can be configured with an ‘always on’ functionality - for example some of the Innoveli switches. I think they originally designed them around smart bulbs, but cameras like this would be a great application as well. The internal relay on the smart switch is set to always stay on, but what’s really cool is you can still use the on/off events from the switch for running scenes and controlling other devices in your house.

I agreed with what @Josh mentioned. If the ultimate goal is not to turn it off, then having the rule to turn it back on whenever it is changed to off is probably the best option for you to keep it simple. :grin: