Changing tile color based on a variable?

Hello All,

Has anyone figured out a way to change a tiles color based on a variable not associated with the tile? For instance, let’s say I have a Dashboard Tile which takes me to another dashboard. However, I want that tile to turn red based on a variable condition. Right now I have to have two tiles, one is the “indicator” light, and then another to go to the dashboard.

Another solution might be to have a variable tile but when pushed, hyperlinks to another dashboard? But I don’t know how to do that either. THANKS!!!

Once you’ve added a variable tile to your dashboard, you can edit the tile and customize the Action (Tap) to Open Hyperlink:

If you use the ‘Open in Same Window’ option along with the URL of another dashboard, the system is smart enough to do fast client-side navigation just like you were using a Dashboard Tile.

Thanks Josh. Stupid question, what is the hyperlink format to open a dashboard?

Never-mind, figured it out! Thanks

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