Changes on other dashboards change navigation tile

I have a “Main” dashboard that covers the things I have in the house, and two “sub” dashboards for some out buildings.

I want the tiles I use to navigate to the sub dashboards to change colors, icons, etc, IF any item on the sub dashboard activates.

For instance, on a sub dashboard are my garage door openers. When they are activated (Garage door opens, sensor open) I want the “Garage” tile on my main dashboard to change from Green to Red.

The tile would need to be aware of the changes of 12-15 things on the sub dashboard has changed in order to know something happened.


Hi @Paul_Wilson_Hillman , welcome to the community. You can create a True/False variable, configure it to open hyperlink (navigate to the sub-dashboard) using the sub-dashboard’s URL, and create rule(s) to aggregate the device’s status and change this variable’s state accordingly.

See the discussion below for the similar concept that I added a True/False variable for devices’ low battery indication and use a rule to the devices’ battery status and set the variable value to true if any is below the low batter threshold. When this variable tile is tapped, it will navigate to the sub-dashboards with all the sensors for detailed view.