Change Thermostat Tile

I use the thermostat tile a lot - 6 thermostats in the house. But I would like to change the layout.

For example:

It shows the current setpoint on the front, and I would like the actual temperature to display. In fact in auto it shows the cooling setpoint which is not ideal in the winter.

The arrows to adjust don’t work in auto mode - they are greyed out. Presumably because it doesn’t know which setpoint to adjust - back to the first point.

Is the best approach to get what I want to create a custom tile? Just looking for suggestions before I dive in. Thanks.

You might be able to use Custom CSS to accomplish this.

With the single height thermostat layout, the system has to infer which thermostat setpoint to display. It uses the following order:

  1. Use the thermostatSetpoint attribute if it is set
  2. If the thermostatMode is heat or cool, use the associated Heating Setpoint / Cooling Setpoint
  3. If either the Cooling Setpoint or Heating Setpoint is set, but the other is not set, use the attribute that is set
  4. Try to infer from the operating mode (eg. if actively ‘heating’ or ‘cooling’)

I would check the attributes reported by your device to make sure it’s actually the cooling setpoint that’s being reported and not the thermostatSetpoint which might be something that could be tweaked in your driver.

Correct. The tile can’t infer which setpoint you are trying to adjust while in Auto mode in the single height thermostat. You can switch to the double height thermostat layout and get control of each individual setpoint.

Very helpful. So on zones that I am using heat and cool and generally using the auto setting, vs. heat or cool explicitly, I am using the double height. And for zones that are heat only I am using the single height as it is explicitly set to heat and displays the relevant items. It looks much tighter now. Thanks.

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