Change the address of a Dashboard tile

I have created a dashboard tile that I want to use for other dashboards. I copied it 4 times to the main dashboard. The problem is they all point to the same dashboard (the one that was copied), which I assumed they would, but I figured there would be an easy way to change that address. I cannot find it… Any ideas?

I’m not sure if this helps, I create dashboard super tiles and these are the options your given

Thanks Paul. I copied regular dashboard tiles that must have the link or address embedded into them. I don’t see a way to change that. I am assuming that the “choose your option” on your super tile will drop down a list of dashboards… I have not tried that.

Forgot to mention, when I create a super tile I’m happy with, I use the copy on that super tile to create more of the same and then you can edit them individually before adding to dashboard.

I’ll give it a try. It may be the way to go! I’m still curious if the link or address of a dashboard tile can be changed.

Yep in the pic above, under dashboard this gives a list of all your dashboard

I saw that. That is probably what I’ll do if I can make the super tile look like my other tiles. I’m curious if it can be changed if using a regular dashboard tile.

Not sure to be honest, I make 90% of my tiles as super tiles, I find it a lot easier to customize and edit

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No, when a Dashboard, Media, Thing, or other resource is added to the dashboard, it is bound to that particular resource. I believe this feature request is the closest - it’s focused on Thing tiles, but the same concept could apply to Dashboard or other resource types.

Can you help me better understand the use-case here? Why copy the same tile 4 times and then attempt to edit it? Why not just add the relevant dashboard tiles directly?

If it’s a styling thing, the suggested approach is to create a named style within a Theme, then you can easily reuse that style across your dashboard tiles.

You nailed it! I think the theme option is the way to go. Thanks for input.

My question is a bit similar to this topic. Is there a way that I can see the “target” item for any particular tile? If I go to a dashboard and edit a tile, I see that I can change all sorts of formatting items, which is great. But I am in a predicament where I have lost track of several of the devices that are linked to particular tiles. Also, I have a calendar tile, a weather tile, and a quote-of-the-day tile that are working just fine. But similarly, I’d like to find out what resource is linked to these tiles. Mind you, I do not need to edit the target/device/resource – I just need to view what is “driving” the tile. Thank you. -Rick