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I use a zwave outdoor outlet to automate some windows. By default, the status on the dashboard is ON, or OFF. I am wondering if there is a way to make “ON” “OPEN” and “OFF” “CLOSED” on the dashboard. I certainly can’t find the option if there is one.

Use @philh30 Z-Wave Masquerade Edge Driver for your switch. If will fake ST into thinking your switch is a set of contacts.

You could also add a vEdge Contact Sensor (TAustin’s) and toggle it using a routine based on the state of the outlet. Then add the vEdge device to your dashboard.

How about changing that “ON” value with the value from a variable?

I have a variable that gets set when that device changes to ON. It writes the value OPEN to that variable. I can use that value by itself in a tile. Can I use it to replace the ON value?

You could use it in a Super Tile.

I’m using it here…

I want to use it here…

I understand, but that tile is a switch tile, so it’s going to display the switch property.

Since you have a variable, you could basically recreate the approximate layout of the normal tiles by putting the variable value in the bottom-right corner of a Super Tile, then add an icon mapped to the variable (or the switch) in the center. Then you can change the action of the whole super tile to toggle the switch device or run a rule that runs whatever logic you want.

Where can I find the steps to do that mapping thing? It’s not the end of the world if it just stays the way it is. If it was easy enough, I have 4 that I’d like to change… :wink:

I looked into this. I don’t see any detailed instructions on using this.

If your Z-wave switch is using an edge drive:

  1. Add the Z-Wave Masquerade Edge Driver to your hub.
  2. Open the switch in the app, click on 3 dots at top right, click on driver, click change driver, & select Z-Wave Masquerade Edge Driver.
  3. Open the switch in the app, click on 3 dots at top right, click on settings, select contact.

It is supper easy, Phil did the hard parts.

I use it to turn a EcoLink tilt sensor with external contacts into a smoke detector.

Must not be using an Edge Drive. I don’t see those options.

Then you would need to switch it to Edge 1st.

I don’t see an option to switch it to Edge. (in the drop down list of device types)

That part is more involved.

  1. Add the needed Edge driver
  2. Exclude the switch
  3. Remove any custom DTH for that switch if it exists or comment out the finger print in the DTH.
  4. Repair the device and it should pick up the Edge Driver.

Easier option is to wait until the automatic conversion from DTH to Edge occurs over the next few months.

Thanks for the help… I’ll wait.

So, the Super tile looks pretty close to the switch tile. I’m guessing that there is no way to make the icon “glow” or “pulse” when the device is “ON” like the switch tile…(?)
-Super Tile-

-Switch Tile-

You can set glow using a theme and CSS

.tile.--theme-style-dash-active .icon  {
   -webkit-filter: drop-shadow(0 0 2px #ffc30B) drop-shadow(0 0 2px #ffc30B);
   filter: drop-shadow(0 0 2px #ffc30B) drop-shadow(0 0 2px #ffc30B);

Custom CSS topic

Yes, the style features exist on the Super Tile too, so you can use animations on icons. Once it’s added to a dashboard, you can edit the style mappings. The difference is you have to add in the mappings yourself since a Super Tile can have multiple data sources.

I figured out a way to make a “thing” tile that ordinarily would be “ON” or “OFF” to be “OPEN” or “CLOSED” without any driver modifications or other surgery (LOL)…

Is there a way to move the icon down on the tile or can I relocate it?

You can use CSS to move the icon. Here a link with a lot of CSS code.
[WIKI] Custom CSS snippets, verified on SharpTools

The one you want is labeled Change Icon Size for Tiles

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