Change input on a Samsung TV

Hi, I’m trying to change the input on a Samsung TV using Sharptools as a Tasker Plugin. I do see a command that says setInputSource but then it asks me for a parameter and I do not know what to put there. It’d be great if you can help me. Thanks!

Usually the best place to look is the official SmartThings Documentation (and sometimes directly in the device handler code or in the relevant community post for community developed integrations).

Looking through the SmartThings Capability documentation, it looks like setInputSource() is part of the Media Input Source capability and supports the following potential input sources:


Note the emphasis on potential sources - while this is the official capability definition, I’ve found the A/V devices commonly stray from the official definition. This capability also seems to define a supportedInputSources attribute that looks like it should list the inputs that are supported for the device.

Thanks for your answer! Just yesterday I started experimenting with all this so it is a bit confusing. Regards!