Change Fully Kiosk Screen Based on Mode w/ Hubitat

When my house changes to a mode…say “sleeping”…how can I have Sharp Tools load a screen that is nothing but black?

I then want to be able to touch it to bring up the normal screen to check things.

If the house is in vacation mode…i want a keypad code to be required to get into the usual main screen.

I hope that makes sense…THANKS!

What kind of device are you using for viewing your dashboard? Most community members use a “kiosk” app for this kind of thing.

For example, Fully Kiosk Browser is a popular choice on Android and Amazon Fire tablets.


I am using the Fully Kiosk Browser on Fire tablets. I just don’t see anything that lets me launch a different screen based on a mode change under the Actions in the Rule Engine. I don’t want to have to touch the tablet to launch the screen.

Is there a way to turn off the display or load an all-black screen via automation?

I don’t want it glowing in the bedroom at night.


You could accomplish that through an automation combined with a Fully Kiosk driver for your hub. See the ‘Control from Rules / Smart Hub’ section of this article:

You might also be able to use some of the native features of Fully Kiosk depending on the complicity of your needs. For example, some people use the screensaver features for this.