Chamberlain MyQ Integration

Is this on the future list?

It would be great to have a tile that displays the status of the garage door using the Chamberlain system rather than a separate tilt sensor (or SmartThings MultiPurpose Sensor set to Garage Door mode)… Also, allow for the user to make the tile a “switch”, where tapping it will operate the garage door opener thru the MyQ API.

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Personally I’d continue to use the multi sensor to track the position of the door. And that’s because it tracks the door itself. Remember, you can pull that red rope to release the latch and open your door without the motor. In doing that, the door opener will still think the door is closed because the track is in the closed position. But, the sensor stuck to your door will have the correct door position. It has been shown that on some doors, thieves can slip something like a coat hanger in the door and pop the latch to get in your garage. If you use the sensor on the door, you can have that set off your alarm. The door motor will not be aware of this activity.
Also, as I remember from when I set up myQ lite, the api is not official. And given that Chamberlain charges for the official api use (see IFTTT) I can’t see them doing that any time soon…