Cast-web with web interface

Has anyone here actually had success with cast-web to connect Google Home speakers as a tile? Trying to set up tiles that can control volume and potentially show what is playing. However, the SmartTiles community threads have nothing but issues posted on there.

(as a sub-note, first time posting but have been thoroughly enjoying the sharptools web interface to make my dashboard. Great job developers!)

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

Yes, I was responsible for the changes to make the Album Art tile compatible with cast-web, so I’ve played with it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can you clarify what you’ve tried so far? The cast-web device should show up as a Music Player tile by default and you can change it to an Album Art tile.

The Music Player tile has volume control within the details screen that shows up if you tap the settings/sliders icon in the bottom left of the tile.

Thanks for the quick reply! … i actually havent even taken step 1. I followed your original instructions on how to set up cast-web, however, in this thread, lately it has been nothing but people complaining about it not working. So I was thinking if it was even worth it.

Also, thank you for keeping this tool and community so vibrant. I have looked at other dashboard type applications (they shall remain unnamed) but you guys are by far the best. Happy to pay the premium value!

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