Can't Update Custom Tile Code

So now that I’ve been playing with custom tiles I noticed that if I modify the custom tile HTML code and click update I get the error “Error Updating Custom Tile.”.

Now if I go to the dashboard and delete the custom tiles I had added, I can then edit the custom tile code and update it.

Also, I am editing the code directly in the code editor and not importing through github.

I am guessing this may be a bug, unless it was inteded this way.

Is the dashboard shared? I believe there was a bug with updating Custom Tiles that have been shared through a dashboard. I thought it had been fixed, but I can take a look when I’m in the office again next week and see if there was a regression somewhere.

Actually it is, so it’s possible it may be related.

No rush. Let me know if you need any more details.

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I just pushed a hotfix for this. Can you refresh your page to pull in the latest code and then try saving a shared Custom Tile again?

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Wasn’t planning to look at it again until monday… but this was a nice surprise.

It works now. Thank you.

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