Can't set ecobee from dashboard

I have my Smartthings Ecobee thermostat as a double height thermostat on a dashboard. As of today, I cannot control the colling set point via the arrows. The heating set point works fine. Both options work in Smartthings. Prior to today this was working.
Any advice?

Has anything with the device integration on SmartThings changed recently?

In theory, if it was a built-in integration, it was likely already a cloud-to-cloud integration, so i wouldn’t have expected it to be a Groovy integration and thus not impacted by the migrations. Of course, if it was a community developed integration, that’s a different story.

That being said, the first step I would take is to reauthorize the list of devices starting from your SharpTools User Page → Manage Connections to make sure you’ve synced over the latest details and then try the commands.

Are the commands failing with an error message or going through as if they’ve succeeded?

Not that I am aware of. I am using the official c2c integration.

This didnt change anything.

The cooling control arrows are non-responsive. Nothing happens on the dashboard when I press them.

I do have custom css on the dashboard which I removed to test and still non-responsive. I’ve tried on my phone, tablet, and chrome browser.

Can you please clarify what this means? The first taps of the adjustments all happens in your browser without interacting with SmartThings. It’s not until you stop adjusting the setpoint that it actually commits the value and sends the command. Perhaps a video would help clarify?

I tap on the heating arrows, there’s a shdow effect of the tap followed by the green command sent box.

I tap on the cooling arrows and nothing happens, no taps, no command sent or error box. Absolutely nothing.
I emailed a video to support.

Thanks for sharing. It looks like there’s still some sort of Custom CSS applied to that dashboard.

Can you please open a brand new browser window, navigate directly to the list of dashboards, and try creating a brand new dashboard and adding only the Ecobee ‘thing’ to the dashboard (change the layout to double-height if needed). Make no customizations at all, including no themes applied at all, and try there?

Note: The point of navigating directly to the dashboard list in a brand new window is to avoid loading one of the dashboards that has Custom CSS on it and inadvertently impacting the test.

In your video, the cooling setpoint is showing a value, so tapping the up/down arrows should adjust that value directly in your browser and it isn’t until you stop adjusting for 1 second that the value is committed and sent to SmartThings. So in theory this shouldn’t be something about the device that’s preventing the command from going through.

Can you think of anything else that might have changed recently? Browser updates? CSS Updates? Dashboard edits? Etc?

Sorry for the delayed response. I removed all css and the cooling arrows work. I added the css back and they still work now. No idea what happened but thanks for the help!

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