Can't send commands?

Is sharptools down?

Starting today, I can no longer send commands via dashboard. My dashboard is properly receiving change statuses of devices, however, I can’t send any commands to devices.

At a bit of a loss here.

Disregard…fixed it.

I had to reboot my SmartThings hub AND THEN I had to go into SharpTools and go to Manage Connections and basically “refresh” my authroization.

So bizarre.

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Thanks for the update. Glad you got it resolved and thanks for sharing the fix!

And now as I think of it…I think the issue was completely on the smart things side of the house (shocker…right?!? :smirk:) My samsung frame tv started acing weird too…almost as if it was booted off my network and automatically reattached but without my settings.

Something must have happened with my smartthings network that just got the settings all FUBAR’d.

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