Can't find device in Thing Widget list

For the Thing widget I get a very small srlection of my authorized device types. Indeed there are many of no relevance. I dont get any hue, smartthings, lifx, etc,etc device types.
Even when I select one of the devices I anly get Configure or Ping, neither of which have any effect?

Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Keep in mind that when setting up a widget, the things are first grouped by Device Type. So you have to select the relevant device type that your device is using before you’ll be able to select it from the device list. Be sure to try each of the Device Type lists to find your device.

These device types are the ones reported by SmartThings and you can see the device type listed in the SmartThings IDE when viewing the device’s details.

More and more devices are moving over to Cloud-to-Cloud connections and are now being reported as a placeholder type, so be sure to give that a try.

What type of device are you trying to use and what are you trying to accomplish?

Like the device types, the commands that are displayed are the ones reported by the device from SmartThings. So if the device only reports that it has configure() or ping() commands, then it’s usually just a sensor type of device with no commands.

I couldn’t find any of my SmartThings devices because they are under a heading SmartSense!

Had tried all the DeviceTypes but missed Placeholder. However the Brunt device is not there either.

Below is the Device info from IDE. The device is a Blind/curtain Motor from BRUNT.

Name brunt_blind

Label Lounge Blind Brunt

Type placeholder

Version Published

Device Network Id brunt|:Brunt Blind Engine|:undefined


Group Lounge

Date Created 2020-08-16 4:22 PM AEST

Last Updated 2020-08-16 4:23 PM AEST

Data No data found for device

Current States No states found

Execution Location Cloud

Events List Events

In Use By