Can't figure out why my rule call is not working

I am calling a rule from a tile with one parameter. $.runRule("CODE", {“Level”: 0}). In the rule I test it for 8 different values and make calls on it.

I checked the logs and I see:

None of the conditions are matching. I check the trigger and see:

“type”: “event”,
“subtype”: “dashboard”,
“data”: {
“source”: “DASHBOARD”,
“id”: “Kb9Mn3RACWJ5BtTU91yR”,
“name”: “Mobile - Modal - Conservatory Lights”,
“timestamp”: “2023-11-20T00:31:59.131Z”,
“executedBy”: {
“uid”: “Eyc6xRshDZVgSoELsz5vpj06Oez2”

When I have done this with other rules I usually see information about the params in this trigger. So it looks like the level is not getting to the rule and there is failing all tests.

Here are elements from my rule:

Scratching my head as to why this condition is not being met? Thanks.

Check your quotes. You need straight quotes, not curly quotes.

aarrgghh! Thanks - that was it.