Can't connect to Hubitat - Finds old hub

It’s an age since I’ve used SharpTools. I cannot get a connection to my Hubitat. I’ve a SharpTools login with a previous e mail address. That’s trying to connect to a previous hub that no longer exists - I can’t disconnect. If I login with my new e mail address it’s not connect to anything and when I try to manage connections and select Hubitat it only lists the old hub even though I’ve added the SharpTools app to the new one.

A complete mess. Is there anything I can do, the logs are just filling with unauthorised errors. Thanks

Hi John - long time, no see! :wave:

Keep in mind that your SharpTools account is a completely separate account from your Hubitat account. As such, it’s not inherently associated with a particular Hubitat hub (unless that hub was explicitly authorized to your SharpTools account of course).

If you still have an old hub authorized to your SharpTools account which doesn’t exist anymore, you can send a note to with the Location ID / Hub ID and we can delete it for you.

As for what hubs you see after selecting Manage Connections → Hubitat, that’s based on the Hubitat account that you logged into Hubitat’s authorization servers with.

Their authorization flow is a bit quirky in that it will hang onto your logged in Hubitat account for a while before giving you the option to login with a different account. You can either wait 5-10 minutes and then try the Manage Connections → Hubitat flow again or use a new Incognito session in your browser.

Thanks Josh. I found a post on the Hubitat forum regarding de authorising the previous hub before migrating to the C8 (which I didn’t). If I can’t power it back up and delete it I’ll e mail as you’ve said. Part of the issue is that the e mail associated with Hubitat also changed so I have to remember which account to log in with.

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