Cannot rearrange dashboards due to overlap

Something amiss tonight. I’m trying to add a few items to my dashboard but using Safari on Mac, the entire right hand column of a portrait dash is allowing overlap so tiles are becoming hidden (rather than the tile shuffling out of the way). It is driving me nuts! Image shows two spacer tiles overlapping two existing tiles.

@John_Williamson, sorry to hear that the tiles are not in the correct layout for you. Can you please share us the link to the dashboard so we can take a look? In the meantime, can you reproduce this issue consistently and even with different browser window size? Thanks.

Hi @James - I managed to get it sorted last night. I just took another look at the same dashboard, clicked edit and when I tried to swap any tile in the right hand column of a 5 column x 8 row dash - the moved tile would sit on top of the tile in the position I moved it to. However clicking view actual size in Safari resolved it (even though the view reverted to the previous size within a split second)

All good now - thanks

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