Cannot find my Ecobee Thermostat to add to dashboard

I cannot locate my Ecobee thermostat in Sharptools. There are no thermostats listed to authorize in the Sharptools Smart App. I am using SmartThings.

Have you authorized it in Smartthings yet?

Go to the Smartthings phone app, go to the scenes tab. At the bottom there is “Sharptools”.
If you tap that, you will get a list of authorized devices, your thermostat should be there, check it and save.

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Looks like @Sgt.Flippy_PJ has pointed you the right direction. There are also detailed step by step instructions in the linked post below. This is because SmartThings dropped the ‘thermostat’ capability and use the more specific thermostat related capabilities.

Thanks James. The link you provided had ALL the information needed. I’m setting up two Locations for the first time. I’m sure I’ll be back…

Just like I said, I’m back. I’m using Aeotec and Inovelli Multisensors. Both are capable of Humidity readings. Change Layout does not offer Humidity as a selection. Being that one of the locations is in Florida, Humidity levels are important. Suggestions?

You can use the Hero Attribute layout to display humidity values:

Alternatively, if you want more customization over the layout, Super Tiles are also available. Here’s an article describing the difference between the Hero Attribute layout and Super Tiles:

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That worked. Thank you!

Now that it’s added, the tile has a 75° in the center all the time. You can see that the thermostat is set to 74° on the tile and on the thermostat. What is the 75° represent?

I would try the Double Height Thermostat layout.

Some of the device handlers / drivers for thermostats (especially Nest and Ecobee) tend to report weird values for the thermostatSetpoint attribute.

Thanks, it worked. I thought I give a super Tile a try. It says I need a Premium account. However, I do have have a Premium account…

Thanks for the update - glad to hear that helped.

Feel free to send a screenshot to support if you’re having trouble with Super Tiles and we would be happy to help out. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help

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