Cannot change color of lights with color picker

Trying out the new setup via ST that is now available with that Globe Suite App recently mentioned. Through the Sharptools interface I can turn these lights on and off and change the brightness, I cannot change the color. I mean, I can click another color on the wheel, but it does not take affect. Tried this on multiple. Specific controller is wifi xs-sld-d001 rgbw led controller.

Any thoughts?

@James were you able to control the color of the Merkury bulbs that you tested under the Globe Suite integration?

@Mark_Godfrey are you able to control the color of the lights within the Samsung SmartThings mobile app?

I just tested and found I was able to change the color within the new Samsung SmartThings app, but not the SmartThings Classic app nor the dashboard. Played with it a bit and it seems my bulb’s connection is broken now, so I need to swing by the office later to grab the bulb to test it again.

I can take a closer look when I’m back in the office after Christmas. Thanks for the additional details

@josh yeah, I can adjust the same as @James within the ST app. So the issue lays within Sharptools. Could have sworn this worked previously.

Thanks for testing. Color control not working from the SmartThings Classic app on Globe Suite connected devices is an indication that something is wonky with the device’s C2C implementation.

Unfortunately, C2C implementations in SmartThings don’t log much, so we’ll have to see what I can find as I dig into it.

And of course my Merkury bulb just quits working completely in the new app. Always got the “network or server error” after several re-add tries still.

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