Cannot adjust brightness of non-color smart bulbs


Any non-color LIFX bulb I add to a dashboard does not allow me to adjust the brightness. I can only turn on/off. Is there some setting I’m missing, or is SmartThings possibly mis-identifying my bulb somehow?


@Scott thanks for the message.

Can you post a screenshot of what the tile looks like when added to SharpTools?


In this screenshot, the ‘Office Floor Lamp’ is a WHITE LIFX bulb…the ‘Office Desk Lamp’ and ‘Living Room Shelf Lamp’ are both COLOR LIFX bulbs.



Thanks for the screenshot! If you tap the percentage in the bottom-right corner of the Office Floor Lamp, you’ll get a modal window that pops up to let you adjust the dim level.


Ah, thanks. I had tried clicking on it, but the touch/clickable area is really small. It actually took a couple of times to get it activated. Could you possibly increase the touch/click area around it? Maybe have the same dialog for all bulbs.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ve been thinking about allowing an option to override the default ‘click’ action for certain tiles.

The thought would be that you could choose whether clicking on a dimmable thing would toggle the light on/off or would pop up the prompt to dim.

Can you clarify what you mean? Like have the regular dimmable lights / bulbs show the color picker without the color wheel part displayed? I can see how this would improve the consistency. :smiley:

While I don’t think it’s what you’re looking for right now, I’m going to leave the following here for reference. If you want to disable the color control capability of your color lights and make them act like regular dimmable lights, you can use the Change Layout feature to make them act like a regular bulb:





Yes, that was the idea I thought of. You’re right, make the dialog consistent for all bulbs. I have played around with the layout option.


After some thought, my preference would be a) the ability to toggle on/off like the Standard Thing Control for all bulbs and b) add color option to the press of the percentage for color bulbs.