Can you use a Pushover notification to trigger an event on?

I have an app sending Pushover a notification via email, can Sharptools use that notification to as a trigger, a location change on the Smartthings hub?

What app is sending the Pushover notification? Could you have that app make a web request to a Rule HTTP Trigger instead?

It receives an email notification, which is sent to the pushover email address. The app doesn’t have any other connectors.

Ah, I think I understand what you mean now.

You mean you are sending an email to your special Pushover email address which then sends the push messages to your mobile devices?

No, you cannot directly set up a trigger from a pushover notification. Those notifications go directly to the pushover app on your mobile devices.

If you had a device running Android that was receiving those notifications, in theory, you could use Tasker to react to the pushover notification being received on the mobile device and send a web request to trigger a SharpTools rule as mentioned above.

What app is it? Perhaps there’s other ways it could be accomplished.