Can you update Fully Kiosk on a provisioned Android (non-Fire) device while preserving the settings?

I know this isn’t a SharpTools question per se, but I didn’t see another obvious forum and I hope it counts as a related-ish question.

I installed Fully Kiosk via the Device Provisioning option.

I didn’t know about Managed Enterprises at that time, so my device is not part of Google Play Managed Enterprises.

I figured out how to install the updated APK file by including a link on the Android/Tablet version of Fully Kiosk and the Fully Cloud service of Fully Kiosk, but all it seems to do is install the updated app as a new program, with a new icon, etc. and without the existing settings.

Is there a way to update the program via an APK while keeping the settings, as would be the case when updating the app via the Google Play store?

If not, how are people updating the app in as pain-free a way as possible (without having to enter passwords again for hyerlinked websites, etc.)?



Doh, I just spotted that there’s an “Android” version and a “Deployment” version. I suspect that’s why the Android version is installing separately with its own device ID, etc.

I’ll hang tough until a new deployment version is uploaded and try that.


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Fully Kiosk also has an “export and import settings” feature if I’m not misstaken.

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I haven’t tried the Device Provisioning / Managed Enterprises / Fully Cloud approach as it seems to be more targeted to large organizations that want to deploy and manage a fleet of tablets running Fully Kiosk. What comes to mind is something like a Museum that has a suite of tablets throughout and they might want to update the content or whatnot remotely. Or maybe a hotel chain that embeds tablets in kiosks to provide guest services, surveys, etc and they want to manage those devices and content.

For personal use, I’ve always found the standard “for Android/Fire” version sufficient. For my devices that run Google Play natively, I just install it from the Google Play store and let it auto-update. For my Fire tablets, I usually just manually install the app update the same way I originally installed it.

And I generally don’t update it unless there’s some issue I run into or major feature I notice on other devices. Anytime I’ve updated through either of these approaches, the devices have kept all their settings.

Thanks Josh.

I used Device Provisioning because their website said it was the easiest way to get started.

I don’t have the mojo to start over from scratch, which I suspect may be the best bet since my device is now “managed” by Fully Kiosk, but will keep that in mind (Play Store version) if I pick up a new tablet or issues crop up.

Thanks Sgt. There is an export/import function but, because the two versions are different, they seem to generate different device IDs. Out of curiosity, I’ll try upgrading when the desk Provisioned version comes out and – as per Josh – might leave well enough alone after that.