Can I Sync a Smartthings device status/attributes to Hubitat?


Is it Possible to sync a Smartthings device status/attributes to Hubitat using Rules or other Sharptools’ available tools?


If the device in Hubitat has a supported command you could call, yes. You could have the trigger be your source device changing and then call the command on the relevant Hubitat device to update it. That’s probably fine for a critical device here or there, but if I was doing several devices, I would be looking for something specifically designed for syncing across hubs.

HubConnect was a community developed tool that was purpose-built for this, but it depends on the SmartThings Groovy platform, so we’ll have to see if it gets updated to use the new SmartThings SmartApp design. (Doesn’t sound like it will)

And based on some quick searching, it looks like other options include:

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Thanks. I was just planning to do one device. And thanks for other tips. I will looking into those as well.

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