Can I reorder the mode menu UI?

Im not sure what logic is used to sort the mode list when I tap on a mode tile, but I would like to have control over it. Below is my mode menu. Ideally it would be in chronological order followed by the rest (1. Morning, 2, Day, 3, Afternoon… etc). Is there a way I can reorder this list (and maybe even hide a few modes)?

You can definitely hide modes. It’s listed as an option when you edit the tile. But I don’t know about reordering.

EDIT: Sorry, I was thinking of the HSM Selector tile. It doesn’t look like you can choose which modes display… Guessing this will need to be a feature request.

It’s the order reported by the hub.

You nailed it. :slight_smile: The HSM Picker has the option to choose which states to display. Justin1 could create a feature request to be able to choose which modes to display in the mode picker.