Can I hide On/Off in bottom right of tile?

I have a Cooper 5 button switch. I use it to control 5 different light levels in the room. I can’t figure how to stop the On/Off displaying the bottom right. It is displaying the status of the button which doesn’t make sense in this context. Is this possible? I am using the glow to light the tile when that switch is selected.

Yup. Can be done using CSS. There is a full CSS wiki about various things you can do below but I think the code you want is

.tile .tile-footer { display:none; }

Thanks for this. Can this only be applied to the whole dashboard? I can’t see a way to do this just on one tile?

That gets a bit more complicated. You have to create a new style. Apply that style to the tile you want to mod and change the css to something like

.tile.footer-off-style .tile-footer { display:none; }

This will then only get applied to tiles with this style applied.

You can also create a named style and adjust the footer color to transparent.

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I wanted to do the same thing, so I have chosen the custom size for the footer font to 0 (zero) and that works perfectly.