Can I have one dashboard that accesses both SmartThings and Hubitat?

Im building out a new smart home system for my house. We moved not too long ago and we are adding an addition and doing some remodeling. Now is a good time to setup our SmartHome. I had extensive SmartThings setups before, but it seems that with the migration to V3 app, things over at SmartThings have gone off the rails. Instead, I was going to use Hubtiat only, but for one thing. I have Mini Split Air Condition systems and I use a smart thermostat called a Cielo Breez to control them. They only integrate with SmartThings and nothing else (besides Alexa, google assistant). I was hoping to use SmartThings for just the ac controls and Hubitat for everything else. So the question is, can I have a single SharpTools dashboard that uses Hubitat and SmartThings for hte AC control?

Yes. I personally use a mix of devices from both SmartThings and Hubitat.

SharpTools allows you to mix and match devices from various platforms into dashboards and rules. (Including a single dashboard or single rule with devices from varying platforms).

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Im doing it now with a ST and HE at 2 different locations. When you edit dashboard and Add “Things” it has a list of everything from all hubs.


Sweet! That solves my problem. Hubitat here I come!