Camera that works with smart things and sharptools

Ive read a lot about the cameras on here but most of the information was before ST moved to edge drivers.

Im looking for a camera that can livestream on my sharptools. I dont need and fancy functions and a slight delay is ok. Granted it would be cool to have my son playing in different rooms and the feeds change to where hes playing…

but just a live feed in all the upstairs bedrooms and play room would be enough for me. I have google home cameras and they dont have a public link like nest cameras did, so they dont work with sharptools

I have my cameras connected straight through Blue Iris to SharpTools. I suppose the motion events might be neat for rules but I’m wondering if Blue Iris could just trigger a SharpTools rule directly.

Dont you have to have a dedicated computer? I only have 1 computer and its a laptop and closed most times

Yeah. I bought a cheap mini PC on ebay and it works great for this. You could use an existing computer, but it would need to be on all the time to use Blue Iris. I’ve seen other people using TinyCam which works on android which could be a good start if you have an old android phone laying around that could be left plugged in all the time.

I believe you can run a rule from Blue Iris. Blue Iris is able to do a http POST on trigger events. I have mine setup to send a screenshot to my phone when someone approaches the front door, through Pushover.
Other way around as well, at work I don’t have access to my camera’s, so I made a tile with a rule, that posts a GET request to my Blue Iris machine, that triggers the camera’s I want pictures of.


What if I want to mount an ipad to my couch and have a live feed of my upstair cameras on my sharptools dashboard instead of just pictures?

You can also run the Blue Iris app or web-interface directly if you just wanted to stream your cameras directly. If the tablet is multi-purpose for SharpTools and other things, you could have a Hyperlink tile in your dashboard to either open the Blue Iris app or web interface when you want to switch between viewing dashboards and viewing cameras directly.

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