Camera stream problems anyone?

In last week I have been noticing that I’m loosing my camera streams in Sharptools dashboard many times per day. I mean stream is up for a 15 to 60 minutes and then it freezes. Streams are from Blue Iris server and I’m using TP link tapo cameras.

When dashboard shows that stream is freezed I’m of course checking Tapo app and it shows that cameras are online and working. Them I’m checking blue iris server and it shows cameras are online and streams are working. For some reason streams are not working in Sharptools dashboard like they have used to. I have 7 cameras and this has been working months until now.

This started week ago and I’m thinking what could be the reason. Blue iris has been updated weekly and of course it might be blue iris problem who knows. I got some bigger windows updates to my two devices where I run sharptools dashboards. So both are updated but problem is also happening I’m my android phone browser too. And by the way different browser does not change situation.
Sharptools dashboards are working solid except these streams so they are not slower or behaving weirdly when used.

Anyone else having problems with camera feeds?

@JiiPee, I use Blue Iris to stream my cameras as well, and I don’t have this issue. I have set 10 minutes auto refresh on all my camera media resources, and wound if this would help in your scenario.

When the issue occurs, do you have the frozen camera image in the tile, or just blank? Just curious.

Streams in dashboard are frozen and in blue iris they are shown as “no signal”.
Symptoms are so weird that i do not understand what to look. It seems to be more blue iris problem and it has nothing to do with shaprtools.

I added that 10min refresh to my media resources. I have been using 60min refresh in browser but now it seems that it isn’t enought anymore.

@JiiPee, thanks for the additional info.

This does seem to be the Blue Iris or network related issue if it shows “no signal” in Blue Iris. If Blue Iris is not able to get the camera data/signal fundamentally, then the Media Resource auto-refresh won’t help neither. Apparently there can be many different possibilities, but I would probably check the network, and if the camera or Blue Iris has been updated recently. (Troubleshooting the wireless stability is not always the easiest thing though. :frowning:)

yep these are the weirdest to solve out. I noticed that BI was using 80 to 90% of CPU and it used to be under 50%. Not sure what happened. Also noticed that I’m getting overt thousand of trigger per day from one of the cameras. Not sure how much that affects to CPU and Blue Iris (probably it does a lot) but turned motion detection off and did some fine tuning and CPU is now under 50% (again). Managed to keep my cameras connected and streams on.

I’ve been having problems, but I’m pretty sure the Fire tablet is the culprit.

The tablet in the garage often says “no signal” even though the same camera is displayed on other tablets. It happens when the garage is chilly. Garage is heated and never drops below 40F, but the tablet seems to give up at about 50F.

I’ve searched for the operating temperature range spec for the Fire but have not found it.

Thanks for sharing the findings and glad to hear that the issue resolved.

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That’s interesting. “No signal” display is from the Blue Iris directly, so I would assume the issue is either the Blue Iris or its connection to the camera. Do you have Auto-refresh enabled in the camera’s Media Resource? If so, what’s the interval settings? I am curious if it’s possible that the Blue Iris had hard time to get the video stream from the camera at the moment, and the tablet in the garage happened to “auto-refresh” the image and showed “No signal” image from Blue Iris, where the other tablet just had the “frozen” camera image display, but not actually had the streaming video. :thinking:


James, I didn’t mean to mislead you. I’m not using Blue Iris. I just have a couple of Google Nest Cameras - via URLs.

The actual error message is “This Camera is Missing in Action”.

Here’s what puzzles me: The other tiles on the garage dashboard function correctly while the camera is reported MIA!

That is interesting. The Nest integration basically just wraps a special page on the Nest website… so that means the tablet has a strong enough connection to the network, but Nest thinks that camera is temporarily unavailable for some reason. :thinking:

You’re right about a strong network connection. This is the Garage Dashboard in it’s beautifully hand-crafted holder on a warm day. The white device at the top-left is a Netgear Orbi satellite.

Here is the cold-weather message.

Although not 100% consistent, I’m pretty sure the problem is temperature related. Status quo is OK for me, because is works most of the year.

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The error message reads to me the issue is more at the camera side or somehow the stream is just not available. When this issue occurs, you can still control the devices in the dashboard on this tablet, right? Really surprised to know that the camera works on other tablets in the same time while this one is having the issue accessing the camera. :expressionless:

Yes, the other devices can be controlled even when the camera is MIA.