Camera does not show randomly

Hi Its happen a few times, I have 7 cameras by Blue Iris, first, the Ring Door was “gray”, second the Deck was Gray, I reload a page and still on the same way, but is not always on the same camera, I need some directions if something wrong om my Blue Iris or on SharpTools.

Most modern browsers only allow 6 active connections per domain / host. (Reference)

A couple of workarounds come to mind.

Hostname / IP Trick

You might be able to trick the browser into thinking you are accessing two different domains by using the IP address for some of the streams and the hostname of your Blue Iris server for other media.

While you are logged into Windows on your Blue Iris server, you can open a command prompt / Powershell and type hostname to get the hostname of the machine.

PS C:\Users\JoshuaLyon> hostname

Blue Iris Groups

Since you’re using Blue Iris, one of the really neat features it has is the ability to group cameras together and create a virtual stream from that group.

A neat part of this is you can get multiple cameras all in a single stream - for example you could get four cameras in a 2x2 stream enabling you to bypass the browser concurrent connection limitations.

You can find more details on Page 48 of the Blue Iris manual:

Some helpful snippets from the manual:

Group Settings

:gear: Use the gears icon to the right of the group selection box to open group settings. A number of options here control how the group may be viewed remotely and how it and its cameras participate in auto-cycling


By default, the group will be viewable via remote browser or app and its cameras will be arranged to fit into a rectangle roughly sizing each camera in half. You may instead force a specific size for this view. The default FPS (frames/second) for a group view is 10, however you may find that using a lower value such as 5 is sufficient, as this will save considerable CPU resources. Use the Fast scaling to save CPU option to override the global scaling setting on the Cameras page in Settings just for this stream.

If Limit decoding unless required is enabled for any of the cameras in the group, the option here to Require/decode all camera frames when streaming will provide a more fluid view of these cameras when viewing remotely.

You have the option of drawing the orange borders around cameras currently in the triggered state with the Highlight borders option.

If you select to Enable camera auto-cycle stream, a second stream will be made available remotely, specifically for cycling through the cameras in the group. The group name used for this in URLs and internally is the ‘@‘ symbol followed by the group name.

You have the options to include or exclude Audio, Hidden cameras, and Inactive cameras (without video) in these remote views.