Calendar Tile > Addtl option > directions

I loves me the calendar tile, it lets me see into the future. How cool is that? It shows me my calendar, starting at today, with future events and days available by scrolling down.

But “it’d be a lot cooler” if it also allowed me to see into the past. What did I not/forget to do yesterday? Did I have lunch with Putin yesterday or the day before?? Inquiring minds want to know.

Scrolling down does something (lets me see into the future). Why does scrolling up do nothing. Why doesn’t it let me see into the past.

You could just add that as something that works. And/or you could add an additional option where people can choose whether this happens or not (e.g. Scroll direction(s) > Options: “Future only or Future and past”). Cleanest would be just to make scrolling up (back) just show the past like scrolling down (forward) lets me see the future. Doesn’t add more clutter to the UI.

Thanks! Keep up the good work.