Calendar public?

How secure is the calendar feature? Will not anyone be able to see my calendar once I make it public to be able to add it?

I referenced this article when setting up my Gmail calendar:

It creates a secret URL that you can share privately and reset if needed. Like with a password it’s not something you would want to share publicly but seems perfect for this purpose.

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Another calendar question.
I have my family calendar, which i added with private URL, but is there any way to add two more calendars in the same tile. I have Israeli and US calendar which will be very usefull to have with my family calendars, but not wasting dashboard space. I can do it through iframe embedding which supports multiple calendars, but not as a calendar tile

You can edit the calendar agenda tile, and choose what calendar resource to be included in the agenda tile. See the screenshot below.

Hm, i don’t have these additional options in my tile editor

I got it you need to define more calendars and then you can combine them in one tile.


So I followed the instructions and I get my google cal to show up, but it’s missing recently added events. Anyone else see this? I checked to make sure I added events to the correct calendar.

Hi @Nicholas_Joseph welcome to the community. The calendar agenda will show the coming events in the next 7 days, and it is refreshed every 6 hours for free tier users and every 30 minutes for the premium users.