Calendar and News Feed Tiles

So iCloud spits out:


I tried https:// instead of webcal://
It didn’t like it.

Any tips?

Thanks for the quick fix @josh
Works great!
Really need a tablet on a wall.

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oooo, this looks fun. May have to knock the dust off a tablet I had started playing with many months ago.

Will the RSS feed work with this?

Their ‘snippets’ are a bit long, but yes. :smiley:


The URL I used for testing was:



How does one create a calendar tile with a link from the secret address Google calendar, if the end of the URL ends with .ICS? Sharptools gives an error validating the calendar.



Hm… it sounds like you’re using the right URL. It’s this one, right?

Yes sir.

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Thanks for the details and sorry to hear that it’s not working as expected.

Have you tried other calendars and are they working as expected? I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue and have not seen any errors in the logs. If you can reproduce on a calendar that you don’t mind sharing (via private message), we can take a closer look and figure out what’s going on.

Well this is odd. I tried again yet again and it worked this time… even with that .ICS file extension. :slight_smile:

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How to set to “Month” view?

A default ‘month’ calendar which shows the days of the month and the current day highlighted is available under the ‘Calendars’ section of the Add Item picker:


You can add your own Calendars from the Manage Resources tab of your user profile or select from a few popular calendars by tapping the Help button when creating a new calendar.

These Calendars use the Agenda view and display the next 7 days of activities.


Thanks. @josh. it helps.

Hello Josh:
I seem to be having trouble creating my calendar feed, as per the attached screenshot:

I’ve created the link according to the documentation…

Hey Jack! Thanks for posting - we currently have a beta running for a new calendar backend, so I’d love to have you help us test it. I’ll send you a PM.

The most common reason for an error while parsing a valid calendar URL is the calendar server taking too long to respond - often caused by having a large calendar. (You can try opening your calendar URL directly in your browser and if it takes 10+ seconds that’s the likely culprit)

Josh: I hope I am not repeating a feature request… The Calendar, Agenda and Weather tiles are great! I would love to be able to click the Month Calendar and link to a Hyperlink (e.g. Google Calendar app). I would love to click on the Weather tile and link to a Hyperlink for a weather app (e.g. Weather bug app).

Currently, I have an additional Hyperlink tile to open Google Calendar and another to open Weather Bug. I could eliminate both tiles with this added functionality.

Interesting idea! I’ve noted the request. :smiley:

While this isn’t currently possible with the traditional Weather Tile, you can do it with any Media Tile since the Media Tiles have support for opening a hyperlink as an action. And since Meda Tiles are commonly used for displaying weather forecasts, this just might work in your situation. :slight_smile:

Here’s a neat example where upon clicking on a forecast (Media Tile) it opens with a neat weather animation within a modal. The same concept could be used to open an app in a new window too!

Thanks for the quick reply Josh. I actually have the Media Tile Weather option working using the same Weather Widget linked to my Weather Bug Elite app. I would prefer the link attached to your cool looking Smart Weather Station Tile. Maybe add it to the list?:slight_smile:?:slight_smile:


I would second that request. I like the clean look and feel of the weather tile as it flows with the rest of my tiles. I like the windy integration a lot if we could somehow hyperlink from the weather tile


I put my vote on that as well. Having the weather tile go to a more expanded weather link would be a great addition.

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