Calendar and News Feed Tiles

Hm… it sounds like you’re using the right URL. It’s this one, right?

Yes sir.

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Thanks for the details and sorry to hear that it’s not working as expected.

Have you tried other calendars and are they working as expected? I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue and have not seen any errors in the logs. If you can reproduce on a calendar that you don’t mind sharing (via private message), we can take a closer look and figure out what’s going on.

Well this is odd. I tried again yet again and it worked this time… even with that .ICS file extension. :slight_smile:

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How to set to “Month” view?

A default ‘month’ calendar which shows the days of the month and the current day highlighted is available under the ‘Calendars’ section of the Add Item picker:


You can add your own Calendars from the Manage Resources tab of your user profile or select from a few popular calendars by tapping the Help button when creating a new calendar.

These Calendars use the Agenda view and display the next 7 days of activities.


Thanks. @josh. it helps.

Hello Josh:
I seem to be having trouble creating my calendar feed, as per the attached screenshot:

I’ve created the link according to the documentation…

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Hey Jack! Thanks for posting - we currently have a beta running for a new calendar backend, so I’d love to have you help us test it. I’ll send you a PM.

The most common reason for an error while parsing a valid calendar URL is the calendar server taking too long to respond - often caused by having a large calendar. (You can try opening your calendar URL directly in your browser and if it takes 10+ seconds that’s the likely culprit)

Josh: I hope I am not repeating a feature request… The Calendar, Agenda and Weather tiles are great! I would love to be able to click the Month Calendar and link to a Hyperlink (e.g. Google Calendar app). I would love to click on the Weather tile and link to a Hyperlink for a weather app (e.g. Weather bug app).

Currently, I have an additional Hyperlink tile to open Google Calendar and another to open Weather Bug. I could eliminate both tiles with this added functionality.

Interesting idea! I’ve noted the request. :smiley:

While this isn’t currently possible with the traditional Weather Tile, you can do it with any Media Tile since the Media Tiles have support for opening a hyperlink as an action. And since Meda Tiles are commonly used for displaying weather forecasts, this just might work in your situation. :slight_smile:

Here’s a neat example where upon clicking on a forecast (Media Tile) it opens with a neat weather animation within a modal. The same concept could be used to open an app in a new window too!

Thanks for the quick reply Josh. I actually have the Media Tile Weather option working using the same Weather Widget linked to my Weather Bug Elite app. I would prefer the link attached to your cool looking Smart Weather Station Tile. Maybe add it to the list?:slight_smile:?:slight_smile:


I would second that request. I like the clean look and feel of the weather tile as it flows with the rest of my tiles. I like the windy integration a lot if we could somehow hyperlink from the weather tile


I put my vote on that as well. Having the weather tile go to a more expanded weather link would be a great addition.

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Did you ever get an answer to this. The calendar appears to link but displays part of the txt from the URL I supplied. The link then opens properly also but the display does not work.


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Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Am I understanding correctly that you are using a webcal:// URL (for example, from Apple iCloud) and it’s showing your calendar, but also adding an entry like shown in your screenshot?

@James would you mind testing your iCloud calendar to see if you can reproduce?

Hi @josh…Yes it is a webcal link but not from iCloud. It is a public link created by a reservation management system we use for our small hotel called CheckFront. I have the same calendar displayed in one my Google accounts. and it works fine.

Thanks for the fast response.

Thanks. I’ll send you a private message to gather more details. :smiley:

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Oosh sorry I can’t remember / don’t use it anymore. Best of luck.

no worries. I am working with Josh to see if we can fix it.

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