Bypassing login for tv

A little bit specific, but wondering if anybody has any work arounds.

I’d like to cast a dashboard to my Vizio SmartCast tv… There’s a homeassistant app called dashcast that can cast any website, but I’m stuck on the login screen for sharptools. Unfortunately, vizio doesn’t give a cursor. I can’t use the remote as a cursor to click on the login options.

Does anyone have a suggestion? My backup will be a firestick but it’s an extra couple of steps.

You’ll have to authenticate someway…

Can you plug a USB keyboard or a USB dongle for a keyboard in and use that?

Thanks for the suggestion…

With vizio… the usb mouse doesnt do anything… I’ve moved on to a firestick.
The app TV Bravo, once you figure out how to download, works well for this.

Overall … a little less elegant but working … Thanks for your reply

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