Bypass sensor button

I am setting up my dashboard for smarthings on my tablet. I would like to create a bypass button so that I can select certain sensors that I can ignore when armed.

Just learning all the programming and having some fun with it.

Thanks in advance

That is likely going to depend upon which hub you are using. And it may not be possible will all of them if you are using the native alert application like the STHM in SmartThings.

Im using smart things and the konnected boards. Almost just need to create rules to ignore???

If you are using the STHM (Home Monitor) in SmartThings, then I don’t believe you can programmatically select which sensors to include when the monitoring is set to from outside of SmartThings, as those settings aren’t exposed. (Even selecting the STHM state isn’t exposed, you have to use virtual switches to gain outside access to that.)

One possibility if you only have 2 sensor set possibilities would be to define one set as Armed Home and the other Armed Stay. Then you virtual switches to select one or the other, or to turn monitoring off.

On the other hand, you could not use the STHM and set up a rules that notify you based on certain sensor actions, but you would not be using the STHM for that.

How this would shake out with the Konnected boards I am not sure.

I’m not familiar with the Konnected boards, do they show all sensors and devices as seperate items in Smartthings? And can you use all of them in rules in Sharptools?

If yes, you could build your own alarm system with variables and rules, that’s what I’ve done. In that case you can create a variable to filter which sensors to use in which state.

I changed it now, but I used to have something like this, where I would leave the house and the house sensors would be active, while the garage sensors weren’t taken into account.