Button deactivate automation

Got a quick question, wife and home automation doesnt match together

Got a lot of automation on my bathroom to control the light/fan and more
A lot is based on a motion sensor and a door sensor. When one of those doesnt work properly, thing get messy and wife is not happy lol

Was wondering if I could install a scene controller or a smart button to switch off my automation for a period of time (or turn off the motion sensor)

Is that something possible with sharptools ?

Any other ideas ?

I had a similar situation with wife putting wood in the burner with 2 blowers on. Air flow would cause smoke to come out of the wood burner. My solution was a Virtual Switch on the dashboard that pauses all blowers for 6 minutes…enough time for her to fill and close door…no smoke. The rest of the rule might not be needed for you because in my case if the temperature happens to rise in that 6 minutes the blowers will not come back on until called for in another rule. Just a concept for you to think on.

Or just a virtual switch that if it is ON, your other “stuff” won’t do “things”.

Thanks, like the idea

Will look if I can turn off the motion sensor, could be a nice combination with a scene controller on the wall