Building rules interface

Not really a feature request, more a personal suggestion.

There has already been a lot of talk about the if condition being a bit narrow when you have multiple.
Another thing I dislike is when you are editing devices and saving them, they keep moving around because the box it’s in becomes smaller.

It’s a bit nit picky, but when changing a lot of devices there is a lot of going back and forth and sometimes I’m not even sure which device I edited last.

I second this request. Overall I’m enjoying the experience, but those things you mentioned do get in the way.

The IF Condition box needing more room for nested conditions (or some other way to edit nested conditions) is clear to me, but the issue with boxes changing size isn’t clear – am I understanding correctly that the issue is with the difficulty of maintaining context of what you last edited? Are there other implications?

It’s simply when inside a rule you edit part of it, everything jumps. It would be a lot more user friendly if everything stayed where it was after you save. It looks nice that the selection boxes transform into a sentence, but it makes the page jump every time you save. When you have multiple devices to change, you have to keep scrolling back and forth because the page jumps.

I’m not sure if this exactly what he’s talking about, but I noticed this happens quite often when I’m editing and rearranging actions. The Action box will overlap other windows.

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Yeah, that one seems like a bug. :beetle: :grimacing:

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