Bug: tile editing on mobile

When trying to edit a tile in full screen mode on my iPhone X, the editing overlay does not show up, but sharptools thinks it does. So I get the following message:

Thanks for the report, @Justin_Leonard!

Out of curiosity, are you scrolled down on your page at all? There’s some logic that tries to display the Tile Editor interface at the scrolled position of the page. I’m wondering if there might be some quirk with this when in ‘fullscreen’ on iOS.

(After bringing up the tile editing interface, you could try scrolling to find the Tile Editor by dragging starting your touch from one of the buttons in the bottom right corner since those won’t move around like a tile will.)

What iOS version are you running? I’d like to see if I can reproduce and identify what’s going on.

Ok, i’ll let you know if it happens again and will try what you suggested.