Bug? and small suggestion on Super Tiles

So I have 5 super tiles (for my double sliding door). They are all copied from the one i mastered. Two issues it looks like when you change the “Thing” it is on (when you already in the dashboard) it still remembers the things from the original super tile tool (not sure how it is useful)

The issue I faced is: I copied 3 Super Tiles at once to the dashboard, they are all the same and does not have title, but when you open to edit them you don’t know which is which (you can go to states and look for the things it is attached to, but wont always work), so a name of the Super Tile it came from will be very helpful (see on the attached)

Can you clarify what you mean by this?

If you change the device that’s displayed on a Super Tile, for example changing from displaying the switch attribute value from “Switch 1” to “Switch 2”, that should immediately be reflected with the Super Tile instance already on the dashboard.

If you are referring to the Style / Icon state mappings for an instance of that Super Tile though, the list of devices that you can select in the state mappings are generated at edit time, but if you have already configured state mappings with previous devices, those existing configurations will remain untouched.

As with other tile types, changing the underlying resource instance does not trigger a reset of the tile instance. The configuration for each tile instance is stored with that tile within that specific dashboard.

For example, if you had a Thing which was reporting that it had Switch and Switch Level capabilities and you added that to a dashboard and configured a Hero Attribute tile to display the level attribute… if the underlying device driver dropped the Switch Level capability and you synced the devices, the tile instance itself would remain configured to display the level attribute that no longer exists. You would have you edit the tile instance with your new preferred configuration, including what attribute to display and any customizations to the state mappings.

The Super Tile was copied from Master Deck to Gym, I’m trying to configure the states it still shows old ones even they are never in the tile anymore

Hm. :thinking: I’m not able to reproduce that. Can you share the Super Tile doc ID with me?


All four of those resources are still in that Super Tile configuration.

Format: Type = Name @ X,Y Coordinate

  1. Icon = Gym (right) @ 44,30
  2. Thing Value = Main Deck Living Room (left) @ 5,74
  3. Thing Value = Main Deck Living Room (right) @ 72,75
  4. Icon = Gym (left) @ 19,30

Don’t forget to update the device selections for the Thing Values and for the Device Icons.

so when you switch resources why it does not kick out the one you are replacing?

Oh, I’m silly I know what happened, the status words are also resources -:), and I did not replace them! Thanks for helping

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I was thinking maybe we need to have a list of resources (things) in the super tile listed somewhere, I had another issues earlier as I have two of them one over another and it was hard to figure out