Bose SoundTouch Album Art (SmartThings)

Hey Guys, love the product and have hit my first issue I’ve not been able to resolve on my own. I just added the Premium Art Tile and am not getting artwork. I’m running a Bose SoundTouch with Pandora running through Apple AirPlay and have SmartThings Hub. Is this supported?

If I remember correctly, I believe the Bose SoundTouch is capable of reporting the album art in SmartThings. It might only do it for certain sources though. Do you have other music sources you could test with?

Hi Josh, thank you for the quick reply. I also tried SiriusXM, Amazon Music, and YouTube music. While the controls work for all sources there’s no album artwork. When I open the player, it reports track name as “AirPlay” for all sources I tested.

Thanks for the additional details. Have you tried directly playing from one of those sources rather than through AirPlay (eg. through the SoundTouch app)?

When I play through the SoundTouch app I now get the song title to show up in the media player but the artwork is still the default headphones icon. Here’s what SmartThings Attributes look like:

@josh should I add a request to the backlog to support the track format provided by Bose as it seems different than what is currently supported? Or is Bose API open, allowing us to potentially submit a pull request with additional attribute and format supported?

Thanks for the additional details!

Based on the screenshot above, it doesn’t look like the device is reporting the trackData attribute at all and that’s the attribute SharpTools uses for determining the album art.

It looks like the Bose API is open, but the SmartThings-Bose integration is not open anymore. :frowning: You could try reaching out to SmartThings or Bose support to ask them to improve the SmartThings integration though.

Since they have an API, you could also post a SharpTools feature request and if there’s enough community interest we could create a direct connection.

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