Bond Fan Controller and Fan Speeds

I am currently using a Bond fan controller with SmartThings. I’m running into a minor issue in regards to turning off fans via the dashboard. I can use the fan tile to cycle through “low/med/high”, but nothing happens with I get to “off”. Looking in the SmartThings app, I see the slider for the fan speeds, but on/off appears to be a switch (on the same device screen, but separate from the speed slider). Is there a way to have the “off” command within the tile switch the fan off? Also when I make changes in the SmartThings app, the are reflected on the tile with the exception of “off”.

Thanks, James

Thanks for the message. Unfortunately, it sounds like the Bond device isn’t following the “Fan Speed” capability which should turn off when the fan speed is set to 0 and should report a fan speed of 0 when it’s off.

Would you mind sharing a copy of the device details?

  1. Open your User Page
  2. Tap the ... next to your desired location
  3. Tap on the Bond Fan Controller device
  4. Copy and paste the Capabilities and Attribute Values sections here (or screenshot them)

Sure, thanks for taking a look.

Thanks! I sent a PM to the Bond guys who are active in the SmartThings community. Let’s see what they have to say. :smiley:


Setting speed to 0 is not allowed via the Bond’s API (in favor of an explicit “TurnOff”), so you’re probably getting an error response from the Bond.

It hasn’t been a problem in our testing because our SmartThings controllers for fans don’t offer speed 0. We can just make “SetSpeed 0” map to “TurnOff” in the integration, should be pretty straightforward.


Great! Thanks to you both. :grinning:

Hey all, sorry for the delay here. I’ve just deployed this fix to our SmartThings handler. Setting speed to 0 should turn off the fan (instead of being rejected, as before) and, when the fan is off, it should report its speed as 0 (before, it would report the previous speed).


Tested it out, works great! Thank you!


I don’t even have a Bond or use ST anymore, and this looks old, but man, this is amazing stuff. I love to see it like this. --people reaching out and product people responding. Josh has done that several times on my behalf–knowing the right person in the right place to ask to find out how/if they can fix things on their end–and sometimes it works beautifully! It would be much easier to say, “they’re not following the capability–sorry, it’s not us, it’s them.” But not nearly as satisfying. :+1:

Great stuff, Josh and Bond-Jacob.