Bond Bridge Pro Ceiling Fan controls

I am migrating from Smartthings to Hubitat and I am having issues with the fan controls in Sharptools. Coming in from Smartthings I could reverse the fans and control the light dimming. I can’t get that to work now that everything is coming in from Hubitat.

Hi @Jody_Tipton - are you able to reverse the fans or control the lights directly within the device page within your Hubitat admin UI? The first step would be to figure out if that particular device driver exposes that functionality. If not, there may be a community developed driver that fills the gap.

Yes I can control the fan direction and light brightness in Hubitat

How were you controlling the direction of the fans from SmartThings in SharpTools? Unless it was part of the reported fan ‘speeds’, it wouldn’t have been directly controllable in the Fan Tile.

Either way, since it looks like Hubitat exposes a setDirection() command, you could create a rule which calls that method and toggles the direction. You could either add that rule tile directly to your dashboard and use that as a toggle (state wouldn’t be visible) or create a Super Tile so you could display the current direction and control it all from a single tile.


IF direction = ‘forward’
THEN setDirection(‘reverse’)
ELSE setDirection(‘forward’)

As for the ‘Office Ceiling Fan Light’, I don’t see any issues there. Just make sure you’ve gone through the authorization flow again from your SharpTools User Page → Manage Connections to make sure that device is authorized.

When I was using Smartthings in Sharptools it also gave me another icon/device for direction for each of my fans. This did not happen after migrating to Hubitat. I will play with a supertile and a rule and see how that works out.

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