Blue Iris Video Feeds Issue

This morning, my video feeds from my Blue Iris server are no longer displaying correctly in my dashboard. It just shows “Failed to load image” error. Pasting the media link from the defined media resource into a separate browser window shows the video stream correctly. I checked my Blue Iris server and everything is working.

@KevinV, is there any changes/updates made to the display device? Does your Blue Iris web server requires login credential? It can be the mixed-content issue and you can find more details and workarounds in the following post.

There was no change/update made to the PC. It was displaying correctly, I closed the browser and reopened it and it wouldn’t display correctly anymore. I check on another PC and same issue. I also tried on Edge and it doesn’t work either. There is no authentication set on Blue Iris.

Ok, I fixed it by changing the “Insecure content” setting to “allowed” under the privacy and security setting for

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